Singapore Home Cinema


“The setup: BenQ W7000+ FullHD 3D DLP Projector, Stewart fixed screen, Cornered Audio wall-mounted loudspeakers powered by a Wyred4Sound multi-channel amplifier. As well Tellurium Q Blue speaker cables and interconnects, Gigawatt power conditioner and power cables”.

“The Cornered Audio C5: Chassis made of solid aluminium. Note there is no mounting bracket necessary - the speaker is mounted directly onto the wall, so there is nothing that is prone to vibration distorting the sound. As well no visible screws at all”.

“The magnetically-attached grille is removed in this photo. Not quite visible from this angle, but on the left edge of the speaker there are 3 screws securely attaching the speaker to the wall. The speaker cable is routed from the back of the speaker to front. Brilliant Scandinavian design isn't it? Cornered Audio - clever design, solid chassis, excellent drivers. Fantastic sound is the result!”

A closer look at the Cornered Audio center speaker, here mounted above the screen” Thanks to Raindrop Audio for this description.

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